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    Because :
  • We are really competent in the matter of web hosting.
  • We were in the high-technology field since 1979, from our main company Regentronique.
  • We hire only employees that are sufficiently qualified.
  • We do not overload our servers with over 1000 accounts like many competitors, you can be assured of a maximum of 75 accounts per server. This is a guarantee of excellent performances
  • We do not promise what we do not have, contrarely to many competitors. No server can offer illimited disk space or illimited bandwidth because of physical and software limitations.
  • We do not trick you for limiting your web access with hidden ways like limited ressources usage because of too many simultaneous users.
  • We do not have 1 million accounts to care for, beeing a small entreprise you can be assured that no problem would be unseen and also that you will receive a personnalized service. At WWWHostingServer you are a lot more than just a simple account number.
  • Our prices are still really reasonable with the true services that we give.
  • Our staff can serve you in english, french, arabic and spanish.
  • You can sleep on both ears because we wont disappear in few years like other web hosters, our main entreprise exists since 1979.
  • We are honest.

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